IMG_0698I am a cognitive neuroscience postdoc interested in interactions between brains, bodies and environments, and the nature of mental representations. How are our concepts formed by and simultaneously abstracted away from our percepts? When and how do sensorimotor representations shape language, conceptual processing, reasoning, and aesthetic judgment? What happens to our mental representations when brain systems responsible for perception and sensory processing are damaged? I use a variety of methods, including functional neuroimaging, studies of neurological patients (Parkinson’s disease patients, and stroke patients with focal lesions), and cognitive and behavioural testing.

I completed a Masters in Research Methods & Statistics and a PhD in Psychology at the University of Manchester under the mentorship of Dr. Ellen Poliakoff (University of Manchester), Dr. Judith Holler (Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics), and Dr. Trevor Crawford (University of Lancaster). My doctoral thesis investigated co-speech gesture as a window into impaired action representations and spatial cognition in Parkinson’s disease.

I began a postdoc with Dr. Anjan Chatterjee in the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, at the University of Pennsylvania, in 2016 . My current research projects in the ChatLab examine behavioural and neural responses to abstracted representations of actions in metaphors and paintings.

I believe science should be open, transparent and reproducible. Most of my experiments are pre-registered and I try to ensure all code and materials are freely and publicly available. Check out my osf profile: https://osf.io/4x8cr/